Tamara Wellons/Kinard Cherry/Cory Baker/Elise Perry

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Won’t figure it out

What you see is what you get

Always looking

Finding nothing

Back to where I started baby


That’s what it is



Back to where I started

Always looking

Finding nothing

What you see if what you get

Won’t figure it out

This is where is begins

Also where it ends

Looking outward for

What’s really deep within

How far you love is how far you’ll win

And your hearts still beating

Get back at it again

Your eyes say more than

Your lips can grin

Take a breath


Stop explaining it

What you think

Shows in what you do

It’s not you, but that within you


Every little moment change

And we take it as it comes

See our lives go in cycles

but Behind the Veil

It’s so clear

But you can trust that your view can only reach so far

I don’t know

We may never know the fullness of it all!